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This is a useful wepon, you can put it on the track and hope people run it over. Players commonly place it down when people are right behind them.

Tripple Banana
Same as the banana but with 3.

Green Shell
A koopa shell that you throw in front of you to hit other players. This items bonuces off walls so it can be used on turns very easyly.

Tripple Green Shell
Same as the green shell but with 3

Red Shell
A red koopa shell that you can throw in front of you, it automaticly seeks the person in front of you.

Tripple Red Shell
Same as the red shell but with 3

A mushroom gives a boost to your kart helping you to go past people in front of you. This is a great item for shortcuts through the grass.

Tripple Mushroom
This is just the same as a mushroom but with 3 mushrooms. This helpful item can be used to cut through shortcuts in the grass for a longer period of time.

Lighting Bolt
A lightning bolt is a rare item to get. This item is used to shrink players allowing you to crush them. When the lightning bolt is used your opponents spin out and slow down. This item usally lasts for 10 - 15 seconds.

This is practicly the best item you can get. It makes you invicible. It allows you to hit opponents and go through them. It gives you top speed to get through the best places the fastest. It lasts about 30 seconds.

Fake Item Box
This is just an item box that has an upside down "?". It works like a banana. This box spins you out by tricking the other players that its a real item box. It is usualy placed near real items blocks

Blue Shell
This item is used to seek out the player in first giving the other players ravishing time to speed up while the person in first is being slowed down.

Golden Mushroom
This item gives you unlimited mushroom boosts for a limited amount of time.