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General Techniques

[+] When your turning, and you turn too much, you spin out.
[-] Jump constantly when you turn. This prevents you from spining out becuase you are hoping every time you land, so the game takes it that you are turning for a second or two then stoping. This is a good technique on large turns. Never use this on sharp turns, you will crash into a wall or go off coruse.
[-] Get to the very in part of the turn, but just go off coruse a little bit. You will slow down, but just a bit, if you keep turning like this, you wont spin out.
[+] You are turning at a sharp turn and its hard to get through.
[-] The first thing to do it jump right before you turn, that way you will go out a little instead of crashing into the wall. Do not jump out of it becuase you will just go out more and crash into the wall.

[+] The mushroom.
[-] This is the absolute best item for short cuts.
[+] The feather.
[-] This item comes to use if your traped some where, use it to jump over high places.
[+] The red shell.
[-] This is an easy item to hit people with, just use it when some one is clearly in front of you.
[-] Dont use this item if there is stuff in front of you and you are trying to hit the player in front of you, the shell will most likely hit the stuff in front of you and not get to the player you want to hit.
[-] This item is eays to dodge. When you see or hear it coming, just jump and it will go in front of you.