Atari Version Cheat Code

Having trouble getting to those higher levels in the original Atari 400/800 version of Miner 2049er? There is  an "official" cheat code that will allow you to start at any of the 10 levels! It was probably originally added to make the testing of each level easier for the programmer but gee, whose complaining!!  :)

1)  Start the game normally

2)  Move Bounty Bob up onto the first platform so that the mutant cannot get him.

3)  Type in Big Five Software's phone number (of 1982!) - 213 782 6861

4)  While holding the SHIFT key down, press the level number that you wish to restart from.

Pocket Version

Pocket GameMiner 2049er was even released in a pocket standalone version in 1984 by Tiger Electronics. It was a two-screen, compact-style unit. The mine looks different to the computer versions due to the LCD screen limitations. In this version, Bounty Bob starts in the lower right-hand corner of the lower 1.5 x 2 inch LCD screen. He has to work his way up the mine shaft, gathering all the uranium on each floor. When he has completed the first level, Bob advances to the upper screen filled with more obstacles and puzzles.

Click HERE to jump to Peter Schlepphorst's Pocket Miner2049er Page that also includes an emulator!