Links to other sites of interest

The Official Big Five Software Page

This is the official site for Big Five Software created by Bill Hogue and Jeff Konyu. This is a must see site for all Miner 2049er fans and contains a wealth of historical information of the formation and operations of Big Five Software and includes exclusive photos, streaming video footage  and a custom designed Miner 2049er/Bounty Bob Strikes Back emulator.


Peter Schlepphorst's Pocket Miner 2049'er Page

Peter is big fan and collector of Miner 2049er. He has one of the largest Miner 2049er/Bounty Bob collections. One of his treasures is a very rare Pocket LCD Miner 2049er handheld manufactured by Tiger Electronics. He has created a web site about it and is developing an emulator which you may download.


Martin Klarzynski's Miner 2049'er Page

This site is in German and contains a transcript of the Miner 2049'er article printed in the August issue of "Electronics Games". There is also screenshots of all levels from the C64 versions of Miner 2049'er and Bounty Bob Strikes Back.


Miner 2049er HTML Walkthrough

This site is a walkthrough for Micro Fun's Apple II version of Miner 2049er complete with screenshots.


Daniel Coulom's DCM05 Emulator Site

A site devoted to the emulator, DCM05. A French computer  released in the early 80's by Thomson and based on the Motorola 6809 CPU. Has lots of info on this little known system and contains many links to other sites containing other emulators and image files, including Miner 2049er. This site is in French.