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Anyone who grew up with a Nintendo should have fond memories of River City Ransom, Super Dodgeball, Crash n' the Boys Street Challenge & Ice Challenge, World Cup Soccer, and Renegade, or at least River City Ransom. They were all by American Technos (except Renegade, which was by Taito) and featured similar super-deformed characters (again, Renegade being the exception).
In Japan, all these games were part of the same series, focusing on Nekketsu (Hot-Blooded) High School and one student in particular, Kunio. Top dog at the school, Kunio was often called upon when the students were hassled or a sports tournament had to be won (any sport), always crossing paths with yakuza, motorcycle gangs, and rival schools with his comrade Riki.
This is one of the most prolific game series of all time, with 28 games spanning seven systems. With this site, I hope to cover all versions of all the games in at least some small detail.