Disclaimer:Timeline from Hand in Killer 7 Translated by Yoshiko Ohier; edited by James Howell.
Proofread by Yoshiko Ohier and OVERDRIVE JEREL Smith.
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... 1750
New Southampton, Wineport: HARMAN DELTAHEAD was born. He was the first-born son in his family.

... 1750
Lhasa, Tibet's capital: KUN LAN was born.
From birth, he was the heir of the governor.
He was born an adult.

... 1753
Kun Lan (at the age of three) became worshipped as the reincarnation of a demon.
An underground organization recognized him as their leader.

... 1758
Harman Deltahead (at the age of eight) met a man who introduced himself as Harman's neighbor.
The man had an angelic smile.

... 1768
Harman Deltahead's beloved Susan was murdered.
Until this point, Harman had lived an ordinary American life.
With his loss, he went mad.
He first encountered the REMNANT PSYCHES at the villa where Susan had been killed.

When Harman entered the villa, he saw a vision of six corpses and Susan, who was tied up.
The neighbor with the angelic smile had guided him to the villa.

It was then that Harman Deltahead decided to change sides:
from victim to killer.

... 1772
Harman Deltahead joined the JIM TOWNSEND SURVEY COMPANY.
While the J. T. Survey Company outwardly portrayed itself as
a census institute, its real work involved taking
"contracts"--missions of assassination.

Harman entered the world of professional killers.

... 1774
Harman Deltahead left for a mission that brought him to the Union Hotel.
On the rooftop, he met a man named DIMITRI,
whose nickname was "Three Eyes."

The neighbor with the angelic smile--Kun Lan--appeared in front of Harman Deltahead.
Kun Lan became the medium through which "Three Eyes" spoke.

Harman and Kun Lan quickly became close friends.
They met for tea regularly.

... 1775
Harman Deltahead killed Jim Townsend, head of the J. T. Survey Company.
Harman was revered as one of the world's best killers.

He formed the FIRST SMITH SYNDICATE and changed his name to "HARMAN SMITH."
Harman Smith was feared globally as one of the most horrific assassins.

Dimitri was the first member of the First Smith Syndicate;
he was Harman's first victim,
and the origin of Harman Smith's "God Killer" powers.
Dimitri was believed by others to be Harman Smith's bodyguard,
and inspired fear equal to that inspired by Harman Smith.

This was the start of Harman's multiple personalities.

... 1778
Harman Smith unexpectedly quit professional assassination.
He disappeared from society and history.

Dimitri was rejected by the core persona.
The core persona separated from Harman Smith and became Harman Deltahead,
once more.

... 1780
Harman Deltahead founded Coburn Elementary School and became the school's first principal.
Secret underground organizations funded Harman Deltahead and Coburn.
They wanted Coburn to specialize in educating individuals who would spread and cultivate capitalism.

... 1789
The first presidential primary election was held at Coburn
Elementary School.

... 1820
The dead bodies of Harman Deltahead and Kun Lan were found at
They had been killed while playing chess.

... 1942

Dimitri disappeared from society and was not heard from again.

... 1946
In the political turmoil following Japan's defeat in World
War II, the LIBERAL PARTY proved itself so inept that it
couldn't pay for the rental of its own facilities.
TORU FUKUSHIMA was working as an aide to a member of the Japanese
Diet, when he was contacted by the U. N. PARTY.

Fukushima became a political "architect" for the U. N. Party.

... 1948
According to official records, Emir Parkreiner's parents died
in a car accident.

... 1952
Emir Parkreiner killed his parents and disappeared from society.
At the time, he had been living with his parents,
under the surveillance of the U. S. Government in an isolated state.

... 1953
The "UNION 7" wrote "the Yakumo Cabinet Policy" [YAKUMO].
The Union 7 was comprised of young Japanese political
figures, who were members of the Liberal Party, though they
stood apart from the internal conflict that threw the party
into chaos.

The Yakumo was given to the Liberal Party's chief secretary,
but it vanished. The Union 7 was dissolved as a group.
The following year, the U. N. Party overtook the Liberal Party in
the political arena.

... 1954
The horrific crimes committed by the killer known as
"THE BLOODY HEARTLAND" became serious problems to society.

... 1955
The Union 7 attended a secret meeting at the Union Hotel,
which was called "the Yakumo Secret Meeting."
They were killed by a serial murderer,
though the whole incident was hushed up.
The affair was called "Killer7."

On the rooftop of the Union Hotel,
Harman Smith met a dying boy with three eyes.
The boy was Emir Parkreiner.

Harman Deltahead and Kun Lan resurrected.

... 1957
The SECOND SMITH SYNDICATE was formed with seven personae.
They were called "KILLER7".

... 1959
CURTIS BLACKBURN was in his mid-teens.
Though he became notorious among Seattle's underground societies,
he did not belong to a criminal organization.
He worked for the government,
and his work consisted of contracts from the U. S. government.

... 1960
Japan and the United States signed a security treaty.

... 1967
HIRO KASAI met Harman Smith in Hakone, Japan; he had a
mission for Harman.

Kasai wanted Harman to investigate the security of the votes of countries involved with the Asian Security Treaty.
After his investigation,
Harman promised Kasai that the treaty would be ratified,
and gave Kasai the report of his investigation.

Harman Smith met the chairman of the countries who were
members of the Asian Security Treaty.
The treaty was ratified,
and Japan became a member of the council.
In front of Harman, the chairman committed suicide.

... 1969
TRAVIS BELL became the first victim of the Second Smith

... 1973
Harman Smith lost his chess game against Kun Lan.

As part of his loss, Harman promised to give Kun Lan control
over the major cities of the west coast of the United States of America.
Harman began the process by sending DAN SMITH to Curtis Blackburn in Seattle,
to destroy the small gangs there and establish Blackburn's control.

CHRISTOPHER MILLS, as a young boy, became Blackburn's
informant and entered the world of underground society.

... 1975
Blackburn ended his role as Dan Smith's mentor.
On a basketball court,
Curtis shot Dan to death.

GARCIAN SMITH recovered Dan's corpse,
and he obtained the power to resurrect the dead.

... 1978
The Killer7 took a mission from the head of a Spanish
organization that specialized in cleaning up the aftermath of accidents.
They left for Spain. The target was the son of one of the organization's workers:

... 1980
KEVIN SMITH fought the pharmaceutical mafia in Miami, Florida.
During the fight, Kevin killed the man he loved.

... 1982
In Madison Square Garden,MASK DE SMITH fought a decisive
battle against an army of prototype Heaven Smiles and "Mask Smiles."

Kun Lan's shadow began to creep over the Second Smith Syndicate.

... 1987
Using their connections within Seattle's base for the
nation's Self-Defense Department,
Curtis Blackburn and PEDRO MONTANA created a black market organ-trafficking route.
They did this by manipulating the Immigration Department's

... 1990
In southern France, the Killer7 took on a mission to dissolve
a secret meeting that was scheduled to be held at a first-
class resort hotel.
There, they confronted large numbers of
"Rollout Heaven Smiles."

The Killer7 decimated the Heaven Smiles,
but an unknown woman appeared in front of them.
She killed one persona after another; she nearly annihilated the Second Smith Syndicate.
In the end, though, Harman Smith successfully cut her down.

The personae were so heavily damaged,
it took Garcian Smith ten years to resurrect all of them.
During this time, the activity of the Second Smith Syndicate was suspended.

SAMANTHA SITBON began serving Harman Smith.
In the absence of the other personae,
she took work as a persona of the Killer7.

... 1992
HOLBERT, an FBI Special Agent, infiltrated Coburn Elementary
School and was murdered.

... 1998
The world enjoyed its first year of total peace.
The international community banned all air transportation,
in the interest of suppressing terrorism.
The analog network system rapidly developed.

... 1999
Samantha Smith--who was a temporary persona of Harman--killed

... 2000
Garcian Smith succeeded in resurrecting all of the fallen personae.
The Second Smith Syndicate was back.

However, Dan Smith tried to kill Harman in a fit of lunacy.
Harman was wounded mortally; he fell into a state of
suspended animation.
Samantha left her work as a killer-
persona and began taking care of him.

... 2002
The Network of Intercontinental Expressways opened.

... 2003
Construction of the International Mass-Scale Transportation
System began.

Radioactive waste and other materials were sent to an energy disposal facility,
a dome structure built in the Indian Ocean.
The international community's ultimate goal was to eliminate all intercontinental missiles.

The number of terrorist attacks using "Heaven Smiles"

... 2010 ANGEL
Harman Smith returned.
The battle in the "Celtic Building" occurred.

... 2010 SUNSET
200 missiles launched toward Japan.

JULIA KISUGI was contracted by Christopher Mills to kill Toru Fukushima.
At the restaurant Fukushima, Kisugi, JEAN DEPAUL, and the Killer7 met.
DePaul was an agent for the International Ethics Committee.
Kisugi killed Fukushima, but the location of the "Yakumo Cabinet Policy" was unknown.

Hiro Kasai informed Garcian Smith that Jean DePaul had infiltrated the Kaku Building,
wherein the final secret meeting was held between the United States and Japan.

The Killer7 headed for the Kaku Building.
There, they fought a spiritual battle with Hiroyasu Kurahashi and Shinya Akiba.
Meanwhile, Kenjiro Matsuoka was chosen by Kun Lan as his messiah.

The missiles hit Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Sapporo:
the four major cities in Japan.
Japan was obliterated.

... 2010 CLOUDMAN
Andrei Ulmeyda announced on television that the amphitheater
wherein Stacy Spangles was giving a concert would be blown up by Heaven Smiles.
During his public declaration of the act of terrorism,
Ulmeyda challenged Garcian Smith to "find him out."

Garcian left for Texas. There, he witnessed Ulmeyda turn
everything over to Clemence.

... 2011 ENCOUNTER
Dan and Curtis had their final confrontation:
between the master and the disciple,
Dan brought Curtis to his end.

... 2011 ALTER EGO
The comic editor of ZTT published "Handsome Men."
Each time an issue was published,
the events of the comic book occurred in the real world.

The Second Smith Syndicate fought the Handsome Men,
in order to stop the serial murders committed by the Handsome Men.

Love Wilcox enacted her vengeance toward the largest advertising company in the world--Electro & Line Inc.--
the force that controlled the crimes and the comics' stories,
behind the scenes.
The use of advertising as a means of propaganda and control was destroyed.

... 2011 SMILE
Hiro Kasai, a member of the Liberal Party,
fell from a building rooftop in front of Matsuken.

Garcian Smith recovered Emir Parkreiner's memory.

The Second Smith Syndicate dissolved.

... 2014 LION
The Bloody Heartland--Emir Parkreiner--was awake.
He entered Battleship Island alone to end everything.

Deep underground, he encountered Matsuken.
He killed the final Heaven Smile--"Last Shot"--
who bore a striking resemblance to Kun Lan

... 2017
The United Nations dissolved for the sake of global reform.

The world entered an age of total globalization.
National barriers ceased to exist.

... 2020
Part of the "Yakumo Cabinet Policy" was made public.
It became the subject of devout worship.

... 2050
The Third Smith Syndicate was formed to combat the "Heaven Tears" terrorism.

----- 100 YEARS PASS -----

... 2115
In Shanghai, the battle between Harman Smith and Kun Lan

... 2170
The final battle takes place in Detroit.
Billions of "Final Smiles" fly to Detroit from the East.

OVERDRIVE MASK De Smith--the main persona of the Fifth Smith Syndicate--
confronts the horde of "Final Smiles."

... 2171
The chess game between Harman Smith and Kun Lan never ends,
fearing HIS apparition . . . .

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