Wonders in Empires are large monuments that give your nation special powers, such as revealing the map, or generating large amounts of gold. They are huge projects that cost large amounts of resources, and take a long time to build. Not only that, but they can only be built in the World War II epoch. Once completed, however, they lend great aid in your (or your foe's) quest for victory.

   Brandenburg Gate
  • Civilization: Germany
  • Ability: Generates a steady income of gold over time.
The Brandenburg Gate lies at the heart of downtown Berlin. The large, arch like stone structure is a symbol of Berlin. The main part of the Brandenburg Gate has twelve columns set in two rows. It was built between 1788 and 1891. Two lower colonnades on either side of the main part were added in the mid 1800’s. Atop the Brandenburg Gate is a sculpture of Nike, the winged Greek goddess of victory, driving a chariot. Other sculptures on the gate also represent characters from Greek mythology. The structure was completed in 1791.

   Lincoln Memorial
  • Civilization: United States
  • Ability: Can call upon a massive paratrooper drop anywhere on the map.
The Lincoln Memorial, which was created in honor of the 16th American president, Abraham Lincoln, symbolizes the freedom of the American people and acts as a tribute to his great accomplishments. Modeled after the Greek Parthenon, the Lincoln Memorial stands at an impressive 99 feet, while the central chamber is 60 by 74 feet. The memorial has a total of 36 limestone columns, each representing one of the 36 states that were in the Union during Lincoln's lifetime.

   Trafalgar Square
  • Civilization: United Kingdom
  • Ability: Reveals map and reduces the training time of all units.
Trafalgar Square in London is named in memory of Admiral Horatio Nelson’s victory at the Battle of Trafalgar. The battle was fought on October 21, 1805 and is one of the major naval battles in history. Admiral Nelson defeated both the French and Spanish fleet combined, and the victory gave England the undisputed control of the sea. Unfortunately, Admiral Nelson was wounded and died in the battle.

   The Kremlin
  • Civilization: Russia
  • Ability: Replaces units lost in battle with new ones.
A Kremlin is a fortified structure within a city in the Soviet Union (now Russia and other separate countries). The name "Kremlin" comes from the Russian word kreml’, which means fortress. The most well known Kremlin is the Kremlin of Moscow. It is a triangular structure which spans over almost 1 ˝ miles around. The first Kremlin built on the site was built in 1156, and the present Kremlin walls have stood since the late 15th century, when Moscow became the first capital of Russia.