Resources will act as the primary foundation of your civilization. Citizens will collect the natural resources from the map and deposit them in your stockpiles for later use. Among the different resources are gold, stone, food, and wood. These natural resources will be used to create citizens, soldiers, siege engines, aircraft, and armored vehicles, construct and repair buildings, and research technologies.

   Food is a valuable resource and will act as the backbone of your economy. It will be used to create both economic and military units for all civilizations in Empires: Dawn of the Modern World. Furthermore, food will be used to the research of certain technologies, and the help players advance through the different epochs.

   Wood will come in the form of trees. Wood is the basic resource used to create structures in Empires. Additionally, it may be used to train certain units.

   Gold is widely used for various purposes. Gold can be used to create buildings, train units, advance the epochs, and research technologies.

   Stone is primarily used to construct defensive structures such as walls. Although a key player in the Empires defense, stone will also be is an important material for certain buildings.