Civilization Abilities: Korea

Economic Powers
Extended Korean families provide additional workers.

Lowborn Class
The Koreans use cheap labor to construct buildings at a reduced cost.

Planned Cities
With this advantage, Koreans can build structures at a faster rate as a result of excellent planning.

Provincial Markets
Important resources are produced more quickly to meet the needs of Korea's provincial markets. Gold is accumulated more rapidly, fishing boats haul in more fish per fishing trip and hunting for food is more productive.

Korea can increase its population capacity by building houses.

Military Powers
Battle Junks
Powerful battleships that can also transport units.

Bondservants increase your workforce by capturing enemy citizens.

Martial Arts
Well-trained Korean warriors can increase their rate of fire and speed.

Zen Master
Disciplined troops can make themselves nearly impervious to attack for a short time.

Terror Barrage
Siege weapons can pound precise targets or blanket a wide area at a longer range.