Civilization Abilities: England

Economic Powers
British Endurance
Hardened by war, robust British citizens are healthier and stronger.

The U.K. benefits from a cache of additional food, wood and stone.

Imported Foodstuffs
To benefit from imported foodstuffs, construct warehouses to store food for your people.

Labor Unions
Once citizens initiate construction, labor unions step in to complete buildings.

Royal Geographical Society
Identifies the locations of all resources near your town center via surveys.

Welsh Mining Camps
Mining camps manned by experienced Welsh miners produce minerals around the clock.

Hospitable U.K. homes increase population capacity and regenerate power for friendly units.

Military Powers
Capture Equipment
Capture enemy artillery on the battlefield by eliminating surrounding enemy troops.

Mine Fields
Lay a field of devastating mines to kill unwary enemies.

Secret Agents
Undercover agents report on an area from behind the fog of war.

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