Civilization Abilities: China Economic Powers
Ancient Dynasties
China’s rich heritage provides additional resources for the current dynasty.

Confucian Values
Family values instilled by Confucius mean citizens require fewer resources, proliferate quickly and count less towards total population.

China begins with two town centers, but no citizens. Migrating people move town centers and war camps to new locations. Full-fledged town centers can be built without settlements.

Invented by the Chinese, the wheelbarrow allows citizens to gather from forage patches and woodpiles more quickly.

Chinese homes provide space for a growing population and, with their large families, have an exceptional line of sight.

Military Powers
Art of War
An efficient, mobile army is achieved by training all soldiers and cavalry at the war camp.

Battle Junks
These powerful battleships can also transport Chinese troops and weapons.

Rebellion causes a certain percentage of your enemies units to "turn traitor" and come over to your side.

All enemy troops within site of fireworks become confused and terrified by the wondrous site. In their panic, they attack the unit closest to them, be it friend or foe.

Every Chinese citizen has the power to exploit the powerful Monsoon and regulate its movement. This tempest affects enemy units - land, sea, and air - if it passes over them, causing a reduction in their normal movement speeds. Aerial units, such as the Falcon and the War Kite, suffer physical damage along with decreased mobility - the longer they’re exposed to the storm, the weaker they become.

Siege Craft
Skilled Chinese citizens build siege and field weapons on-site with their own hands.

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