From the award-winning creators of Empire Earth and the lead designer of the renowned Age of Empires comes one of the most anticipated developments of the year, Empires: Dawn of the Modern World. Spanning 1,000 years in human history, Empires predominates as a truly massive and intensely rich strategic experience.

Players will have the ability to command highly tactical battles in lush, surreal environments, while incorporating the individual skills and advantages granted solely to their civilization. Empires will also be featuring a second-generation 3D engine that will enable a plethora of visual effects never before seen in a real-time strategy title. This engine comes as an impressive improvement over that used for Empire Earth, using such features as animation smoothing and real-time shadows. From forging powerful empires during the Middle Ages, to the relentless fighting on the battlefields throughout World War II, Empires: Dawn of the Modern World will leave gamers entranced in its epic scale empire-building and combat on land, air, and sea.

Key Features:
  • 1,000 of the most significant years in history
    Rule from 950 AD to 1950 AD, including the Middle Ages, the Gunpowder Age, the Imperial Age, World War I and World War II.

  • Historically based civilizations
    Command one of seven completely unique civilizations. From the Chinese's use of gunpowder to Germany's incredible air power, game outcomes are affected by each nation's strengths.
  • Historically accurate units and abilities
    Utilize units from the past, from the plague-ridden cow carcasses flung by enemy forces to the German V2 rocket.

  • Battle on land, at sea and in air
    Create authentic and varied strategies to dominate your opponents with land, sea and air units-from a cavalry charge to firing a broadside shot into an enemys sails or a surprise air strike.

  • Single-player game modes
    Play random map games and do battle against up to 7 AI opponents or lead your troops into battle as one of three of the greatest military leaders in history-General Patton, Richard the Lionheart or Admiral Yi-in story-based campaigns.

  • Multiplayer mode
    Battle against or alongside up to 7 friends online using Empires' sophisticated built-in multiplayer matchmaking service that will include ladders, rankings, auto matchmaking, anti-cheating measures, and tracking of large amounts of persistent player statistics.

  • Second-generation 3D graphics engine
    Cutting edge 3D graphics and the zooming camera give you a general's view of battle in all its glorious detail, unlike any other RTS. Incorporating countless progressive features such as real-time shadows, night and day, bump mapped terrain and water, water reflections and environment reflection mapping.

  • State-of-the-art Scenario Editor
    Combining the features from Empire Earth and greatly improving upon it. Undoubtedly, the best editor for an RTS to date.