2 October 05

Just added one more thing to the Enclave Downloads section... the Dragonshard Developers have given us the font used in game, free to download for any non-commercial purpose. Another big hand for the Devs!

2 October 05

A lot of new updates have been added to the Enclave Downloads section!

First and formost, the Dragonshard Enclave is proud to announce the release of the Dragonshard Companion. This program is a utility designed to aid you in the world of Dragonshard. Its primary function is to make it easy for you to look up any playable unit in the game as a quick reference, where you can see that unit's statistics, abilities, and role in a friendly user interface. Also, the Companion runs simulated duels between any two units, giving you a rough idea of how you should use your units in combat.

Also in the dowloads section is the 1.1.4 patch, and another Enclave exclusive: the Dragonshard Intro movie in DIVX format.

As always we will continue to be your source for Dragonshard Information... and now your source for Dragonshard tools!

23 September 05

Another review, this time from IGN. It's written by a pen and paper d&d player so people who want to see how the games measures up in his eyes should check it out.

"The wide variety of options in the skirmish and multiplayer will maintain your interest for a long while."

22 September 05

The second site to review the site is Yahoo Games. This site gives Dragonshard 4.5/5.

"Dragonshard isn't just good -- it's superb."

21 September 05

The first review is out by Gamespot. It's well written and should give you a good idea what the game is about. This site gave Dragonshard 8.5/10.

"It's good-looking and fast-paced, and it will have you crushing armies in one moment and plundering tombs the next. That's a heck of a combination."

20 September 05

Well the day has finally arrived, Dragonshard has hit the shelves in the US (and other countries lucky enough to get games as soon as they come out).

On a huge down note however, just checked on amazon for the uk and it's not out until October 21st!!!!! God I can't wait that long! As always we're the last to ever get anything in this world :(