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Around the web in 80 seconds
Turrican / 9:19

A veritable dungeon full of reviews for you lucky people today, from across the globe:

"Divine Divinity is the best RPG I have ever played. Let me just say that now because it is it’s the best thing since sliced dwarves read." - Player of Games

"Divine Divinity is an excellent addition to the action/RPG genre." 8.7 / 10 - Loaded INC

Parlez-vous français?

"...un jeu à recommander à tout amateur de jeu de rôle." - RPGFrance.net

Or Ukranian? PC Home gave it 5 out of 5.

Review scores: high or even higher?
Turrican / 5:10

Question: what's better than a Divine Divinity review with a high score?

Answer: a review with an even HIGHER score, of course!

And that's just what we have for you today. GoneGold.com has posted a comprehensive review which should answer just about every question you have about the game, and awards it a Gold Award - 84%.

Michael Askounes from PCGameWorld.com was somewhat bowled over by it, exclaiming "The best action/RPG game I’ve ever played for the PC", and giving it fantastic 91%!

You can read his review here but I can resist sharing my favourite moment with you:

Now, I’ve always thought that women were under-represented in computer games. (cue “Pomp and Circumstance”) I find the notion – apparently espoused by developers and marketing personnel – that only adolescent males take part in the gaming hobby to be incredibly discriminatory and it shows that several gaming company executives suffer from an extreme case of tunnel-vision.

So, it was with great pride (author wipes tear from face) and a feeling of solidarity with my human sisters (sniff) that I selected to play my first game of Divine Divinity as a Female Warrior – a wonderful sign of feminine strength and resilience that is too often over-looked in other commercial digital entertainment products. Thank you.

That and she looked hot in a metal bikini. I named her “Trixie”.

Have you got a pet name for your Female Warrior? Email me and I'll post a list of the funniest ones.

The Entertainment Depot review
Turrican / 6:25

Yet another high-scoring review, today from The Entertainment Depot who give the game 8.5/10 overall, with particular praise for the control system:

"Like no other game, this title features such a strong, streamlined control system that it's hard not to be impressed by how drastically it simplifies your life as an adventurer."

I won't spoil the conclusion for you, but safe to say, they liked it!

Review deluge
Turrican / 1:26

I spend some time last night with my web hoover (watch it!) tracking down all of the recent reviews that you might've missed.

"Divine Divinity has surprising depth and variety...a worthy addition to any gamer's library." - RPG Vault

"a solid contribution to its genre." 3.5 stars - Avault

"a deep, engaging fantasy world." 8/10 - ESCMag

"...is up there with best RPGs available on the PC" 9/10 - Mad Gamers

What more can I say - we're obviously not the only ones who love it!

New Poll...
Ghouljuggler / 9:30

Just as it says above, we have a new poll...

So go vote and tell us what you think of the final game! :)

Flash Competition Winner!!
Ghouljuggler / 9:23

Ok, ok, we're a bit late on this one but the friendly people at CDV gave us a kind reminder that the competion results we're overdue...

So without further delay the winner is...

Kris Cavanagh

Congratulations Kris! You've just won yourself a lovely set of Videologic speakers! :)

Gamespy lovin
Turrican / 3:2

Yet another glowing review this week, this time from Gamespy: a score of 84 and the understated rating of "Very Good".

"Divine Divinity is such a terrific experience, reminiscent of the roleplaying games of old, that hours upon hours would pass with no knowledge of the passage of time. If you like the idea of playing a roleplaying game that gives you such an incredible amount of freedom to do what you want when you want it, you'll want to rush out and buy the game right away."

I doubt you'll find any regular readers of the World of Divinity who'd argue with that!

RPGDot Platinum Award - 92%
Turrican / 5:28

RPGDot have posted a rather divine (boom-boom!) review of Divine Divinity, and saw fit to award it their Platinum Award with a score of 92%. Here are some choice quotes:

This game is fun. This game is addicting. What more needs to be said? Well, I suppose I should convince you its fun. Okay, I can do that. I've been playing nonstop in every spare moment I have since I tore off the packaging and installed this game. With fast-paced action and interesting quests that aren't your normal fed-ex types this game puts a fun little twist on everything. How can you not like a game that gives you quests to wash dishes, blow up supply trains, solve murder mysteries and poison wells?"

and concluding that:

"Overlooking this game would be a disservice to yourself. Larian has done what they set out to do. They've given you simple, fun gameplay and the depth that makes the roleplaying genre great. They have blended the best of both hardcore and simple action roleplaying games. The possibility of creating your own adventure is here. The possibility of playing the game the way you want is here. Hey Origin, this is what Ultima 8 should have been."

Can there be any higher praise?

Gamespot verdict - "Great!"
Turrican / 4:39

Gamespot.com have posted a glowing review of Divine Divinity which is a must-read if you're new to the game:

(Divine Divinity) is a well-designed, open-ended, lengthy role-playing game sporting impressive graphics and sound and a lot of replay value. Combining many of the best aspects both of action-driven RPGs like the Diablo series and epic, open-ended RPGs like the classic Ultima series, Divine Divinity is a real pleasure to play.

They give the game 8.6 out of 10, and in fact it has a Reader Rating of 8.8! If you have a Gamespot Complete account, you can download a load of new screenshots and videos, including an exclusive Video Review!

PC Zone Review Uploaded
Turrican / 7:39

We've managed to get hold of some scans of PCZone's review of Divine Divinity today.

You can read the entire review by clicking through the pages listed below:

PCZone gave Divine Divinity a score of 85% and awarded it the "Essential" award.

Now divinitys been out a few weeks, how does it compare to your expectations?
Excellent! Much more than I could have hoped for!!
Good game, more than I expected.
Was Ok, about what I expected.
Slightly dissapointing, but still playable.
Very dissappointing, expected so much more :(