April 2004

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Posted by TheVirtu @ 9:23PM EDT

Heya folks.

It's been a very long while since I've made an update to the website due to some new preferences in gaming, but I've finally gotten around to updating the Upcoming Events list for Darkspace in the lower right corner of the navigation. Otherwise, I don't have any other site updates.

Just why has the site been so...well...dead lately? There is a severe lack of real news to post about Darkspace really, not to mention I've been playing some other games lately that some of you might know are. Just what does this mean for DSC? Not much, no matter how inactive the site is, it'll be sticking around 'till the game is gone and maybe even beyond.

Just what is the future for Darkspace at the moment? I wish I knew, although everyone is looking forward to the 1.482 patch that's known as the 'balance' patch, I'm having my doubts that it will be out anytime very soon, as many others do. If you haven't heard already, Richard 'Faustus' Lyle, the lead programmer (only programmer) of Darkspace has taken a job with 2015 Games, while he's said that Darkspace isn't going away, many are concerned because this means Darkspace isnt his focus anymore. So, I guess we'll just find out what the future holds.

Anyway, getting off my rant. Here's some updates! There is a new moderator signup for Darkspace! If you are looking to dedicate time to help moderate Darkspace and make it a nice, happy, and safe enviroment, you might want to check the signup thread. You can check out the thread by going here.

And also, there is a Public Developer Meeting concerning 1.482 coming up on this Saturday, May 1st, at 1pm EST.

That's all I have for you guys for now, out.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Server's Back
Posted by TheVirtu @ 7:12PM EDT

Servers are back online, that's all.

Darkspace Servers Offline
Posted by TheVirtu @ 4:04PM EDT

The Darkspace servers went offline sometime earlier today, no one seems to know what is wrong or when it will be back up. Meanwhile, feel free to use the forums or goto our IRC chatroom using the java client in the navbar, or going to #darkspace on irc.sorcery.net

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Palestar Is Moving...
Posted by JackSwift @ 3:32PM EDT

Faustus has gotten a new full-time job at 2015 games, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 2015's most notable success is Medal of Honor. Even though F will be working full time, he will still work on DS, and even try to get 2015 interested in the game.

Could this mean more programmers working towards F's vision he started 3 years ago? This could be a great turn of events... or it could turn out to have F spend much needed time on other things than DS. One thing is clear: we will see a drastic change in DS very soon.

You can check out all the official details here.

DS Admin Says Goodbye
Posted by JackSwift @ 3:23PM EDT

Today Dr. Evil announced that after 3 years of adminship, it was his time to move on. He will still keep his player account, however. The official post can be found here.

Thursday, April 1, 2004

DSC Site Statistics - March 2004
Posted by TheVirtu @ 4:57PM EST

Here's a rundown of the site statistics for the past month of March.

We had a grand total of 10,231 Page Views, 1,676 New Visitors, 683 Returning Visitors, making a total of 2,359 Visitors for March. I am happy to announce that March 2004 was the busiest month the site has had since its opening.

Here's the top five parts of the website visited last month (not counting the front page): Fifth - DSC Prestige Calculator 240 Hits, Fourth - DSC Ship List 338 Hits, Third - Screenshots Index 401 Hits, Second - Darkspace 1.481 Release Screenshots 468 Page Hits, and in first place for the busiest section of the site for the month, the Darkspace Academy, with 895 Hits.

MMORPG.com Interview & Top 10 Fleets
Posted by TheVirtu @ 4:49PM EST

An exclusive interview has been done by MMORPG.com on Faustus, you can go here to read the interview.

Also, the Top 10 Fleets for March has been posted on the darkspace.net forums. Link to Top 10 Darkspace Fleets for March 2004

More DS Updates
Posted by TheVirtu @ 4:45PM EST

Yesterday a few other updates were added to Darkspace to address the lag and stability issues. Faustus has said that that should be the last update until the 1.482 patch unless anything major occurs.