March 2004

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Darkspace Updates
Posted by TheVirtu @ 4:31PM EST

Yesterday there were several updates to Darkspace to address the lag ingame and I'm happy to announce that the game is now somewhat fixed with lag. *loud cheering in the background* And that makes me happy to finally see the lag fixed.

Also, the developers are requesting for people to help test the damage directional coding in the beta servers (testing for system component damage). I'm not sure how long the server will be up to test, but go test it and report your findings!

Sunday, March 28, 2004

New Lag Fix Online Monday...
Posted by JackSwift @ 2:07PM EST

F has yet again updated DS to improve the recent lag problems. The patch will be released Monday. Also included is an auto-update fix, so people don't have to download 10mb of fixes that they already have.

You can see the official post here.

Friday, March 26, 2004

DarkSpace Now on
Posted by JackSwift @ 3:51PM EST has recently added DarkSpace to their repetoire of other MMO games. Check out the site and vote for your favorite MMO!

DS has been well received at the site and future plans are being conceived by the MMORPG admins. Hopefully this new site will get DS the attention it needs to become recognized in the online space gaming community.

You can check out the DS web thread here. Also be sure to check out DS on

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Servers Back
Posted by TheVirtu @ 3:24PM EST

The Darkspace servers came back online around 11am EST this morning, the cause was an outage due to a faulty power strip, this has been corrected.

ALERT: Darkspace Servers Offline?
Posted by TheVirtu @ 10:07AM EST

After seeing a few news posts on our forums here at DSC, I've confirmed that Darkspace's servers have been ALL offline for at least six hours now. I have no information at this point on what is going on or when it will be back offline.

You can still talk with all your Darkspace pals by chatting in our message boards or chatting in our IRC channel here. I'll won't be around on the IRC chat until about 4pm EST today, but I'm sure there's plenty of others to chat with there. Since I don't have access to my e-mail until that time also, I won't be able to see if I was contacted with any information on the cause for the server outage.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

DSC Update: New FAQ Online
Posted by TheVirtu @ 5:49PM EST

Well, I noticed that I kinda forgot to upload the new FAQ a few weeks ago and I just noticed that I had it, so I've uploaded it to the site, enjoy the redone FAQ!

Server Crash, and the MV That Follows
Posted by JackSwift @ 4:09PM EST

The DarkSpace servers experienced technical difficulties this morning... mainly a breaker tripping and cutting power to all servers. After power was restored, the database and MV files were corrupted. The DB was repaired, but the MV could not be.

Now there is a new 31 system MV for everyone to enjoy. The new MV map can be found, along with the server crash details, on the DS homepage:

Monday, March 22, 2004

Darkspace Manual Rewrite Completed
Posted by TheVirtu @ 6:38PM EST

Last night the new Darkspace Manual was uploaded to the offical website and is now compatable with v1.481. This manual is much more in-depth than the last manual version, so I recommend that you check it out! You can find the new manual here.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Darkspace Free Trial to E&B
Posted by TheVirtu @ 4:54PM EST

Darkspace is now on a two week free trial to allow all those who are looking for a new game in Earth and Beyond to try out Darkspace! You can play for free and have subscriber access until April 4th at 1pm EST.

Screenshots from the Event
Posted by TheVirtu @ 12:24PM EST

Last night the Rememberance of R33 was held, one year and five days after his tragic death. Here are some screenshots of the event and who showed up Rememberance Screenshots

Saturday, March 20, 2004

One Year Rememberance
Posted by TheVirtu @ 9:41AM EST

In honor of the former Darkspace player, R33, who passed away one year ago on March 15th, there will be a rememberance event hosted by Demorian, TODAY - 6pm EST

Now please read below in the quoted text by Demorian for rules and information for this rememberance.

In remembrance of Paul "R33" Gardner, who passed away a year ago last sunday, a silent vigil and prayer will be held around the star R33-8710 in the system's Gardner Nebula. If you are not of religious affiliation, the prayers will be individual and not recited over chat... so do not feel intimidated or unwelcome if prayer isn't your thing.

All three factions will be welcomed in good faith under a common purpose, as they were last year (see Banshee's signature). Any hostile actions will be met with a removal from the server, whether you attack those observing the vigil or you attempt to use the vigil to your faction's advantage.

External combat/conflict in the system is expected to stay external.

Once the vigil ends, there will be an "exit period" where all ships that do not wish to stay in R33 for play purposes may leave. Any hostile actions during this period will likewise be punished out of respect for R33.

The Vigil will be held around R33-8710 at 6:00 PM (1800) GMT -5 tomorrow evening (March 21). That's 2300 hours GMT and 3:00 PM Pacific Time.

We are aware that there are those who would rather not dig up the past. We require nothing of any of you except that you respect those who wish to celebrate Paul's life and time with us a year after its unexpected finale.


Wednesday, March 17, 2004

The Past Updates...
Posted by TheVirtu @ 10:59AM EST

Well, there's been some news updates over the weekend. And I've noticed that I forgot to make a news post on my temporary vacation from the website. But since I dont see much news posted *stares at staff* I figure I'd make a news update for all of you.

Over the weekend several small updates were released to address lag issues in the Metaverse and the scenario servers. And a small bug with credits that gave many people alot of credits over the weekend has been corrected somewhat.

NOTICE: I fouled up (actually Demorian did) the event is TODAY at 6pm EST
Also, there is a small preview done by one of the developers on Darkspace v1.482, you can find it here.

As I said, I'm currently on a temporary leave of absence from site work, Rock is currently doing the page work on the website and JackSwift continues his job as newsie!

That's all for now.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Dictors to Blame?
Posted by JackSwift @ 2:05PM EST

Faustus has just announced that after extensive server tests, interdictors were found to be hogging 70% of the available CPU power. He is now optimizing the interdictor code to allow for a decrease in lag.

Also in this patch, F has tweaked the fighter code a little to also help out with the lag issues.

You can read all the details here.

Also, starting Monday F will be testing a collision detection code that will reduce server AND client side lag problems. The thread pertaining to this can be found here.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Event Cancellation Notice
Posted by TheVirtu @ 9:02PM EST

The Darkspace Academy Building class scheduled for this weekend has been cancelled and will not be rescheduled until either the release of v1.482 or when there is enough interest in these types of events.

The reason for the cancellation is lack of interest in the Darkspace Academy event and we would just utterly stuggle to get attention to this event, there were not enough teacher signups and we do think newbies would easily overlook this.

We did think that this was a great time to attempt an event such as this, but, fail once, try try again as they say. DSC Events will return soon!

We apologize to anyone who was planning on attending.

New Plans for v1.481 Update...
Posted by JackSwift @ 2:28PM EST

Faustus has just announced that many new changes will go into the patch update. Most notable include a new spawn interface, shipyard storages, blockading and a new /focus command.

You can read all of the juicy details here.

Just for Virtu, this update was installed today. The new MV just reopened, and is ready for people to test out the new update.

Oh where art thou?
Posted by TheVirtu @ 9:56AM EST

Well, a few hopes didn't happen yesterday. I kind of fell asleep last night until about 1am, and then I was too tired and went back to sleep again, so the FAQ didn't get published to the site. And there is still no signs of the update to v1.481 to improve on the lag issues.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

The Client Update? Where? When?
Posted by TheVirtu @ 10:04AM EST

Well, the client patch that got delayed to yesterday, did not come out yesterday. I have not recieved any further on information on when it is scheduled to release, hopefully sometime today. If it does release today, we'll be sure to let you know, more info to come.

And also a side note, I've finished up the new FAQ last night, you can expect to see it online sometime tonight on the US East Coast.

Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Fighter Count Reduced
Posted by JackSwift @ 1:08PM EST

Faustus has reduced the number of available fighters on all ship from 10 to 5. Needless to say, and other players certainly have, that this will not help the lag situation. Fighter lag is caused by people reloading fighters while in orbit of a planet and planetary defense, not by carriers in deep space.

Hopefully Faustus will realize this (if he hasn't already) soon, but in the meantime UGTO will have to suffer through yet another setback. You can read the thread and all the responses here.

Monday, March 8, 2004

Double the Fun!
Posted by TheVirtu @ 10:42PM EST

As I promised earlier today, I have finished the guide that I was working on. But, also, I have a second guide to add too that was just completed.

The 1.481 Starport & Basic Modding Guide teaches you the way around starports, including buying/selling salvage, components, and resources and basic warship modification.

And also, a guide that myself and Baikon have been working on. The 1.481 Building Guide (Part 1) introduces you to building and how to build a basic defended planet. It teaches the new research system and what you need to get started with building.

Client Update Delayed 'till Tuesday
Posted by TheVirtu @ 7:00PM EST

Faustus has announced the client update to Darkspace orginally scheduled to be released today has been delayed until tomorrow. That's all.

Some Updates
Posted by TheVirtu @ 3:38PM EST

Yeah, the MV came back up a long time ago. And also I've changed the Darkspace Academy main page so it is a bit easier to read. I'm going to be putting up a new guide tonight also, more info on that later.

Metaverse Offline...again.
Posted by TheVirtu @ 10:18AM EST

The Darkspace Metaverse went offline a few minutes ago, no one at this time knows what happened or when it will be back online.

It will probably be back on before I can make the news post to report the MV being back online unless someone else does. I'm out for about the next five hours.

Sunday, March 7, 2004

Screenshots and FAQs
Posted by TheVirtu @ 10:06PM EST

I've brought back the Frequently Asked Questions section back to the website and have edited it a bit to fit with v1.481, I plan on making many additions to it sometime between now and the end of this month. The FAQ can help you with DSC Site questions and Darkspace questions.

I've also added eight new screenshots of Darkspace v1.481 ingame to the screenshots section.

Darkspace Academy Updates
Posted by TheVirtu @ 9:09PM EST

I've added two new guides to the Darkspace Academy section of the website, where newbies can learn much about the game that they didn't before. Earlier this weekend I added the Planet Types guide, a complete guide to information on the types of planets in Darkspace and the basics of their food/worker support.

And a few moments ago, I uploaded the newly written Shipyard Manners guide to show new players and experienced players alike how to be a proper player when it comes to shipyards and spawning new warships.

Metaverse Back Online
Posted by TheVirtu @ 2:36PM EST

The Darkspace Metaverse has just come back online, enjoy playing folks :)

Alert: Metaverse Offline
Posted by TheVirtu @ 1:42PM EST

Due to overwhelming lag issues, the Metaverse went offline, it is currently being worked on. There is no information on when it will return today. The - Newbie and the - Grand Admiral scenario servers remain online and work fine.

Update 1:53pm EST: Administrators at Darkspace are having problems getting the Metaverse to restart, there is no more information at this time on what the problem is or when it will be back.

Saturday, March 6, 2004

1.481 Update on Monday.
Posted by TheVirtu @ 10:34PM EST

This just in from Faustus, lead programmer of Darkspace, telling us what we can expect in the update on Monday.
(Quoted from Faustus)
The following update will be finished on monday containing the following fixes and changes..

- Ship storage is now locked to the shipyard/gate that was last used. This will stop exploiting of shipyards in the MV.

- The load-balancing code has been improved to take in account the actual CPU load. The old balance code, balanced the servers based off total noun counts for a zone, which aparently is not working that well. This should fix the last remaining lag issues with the MV.

- New client command "/focusarea", which allows the client to set their default focus area (the space around their ship for which is considered local). Also, the focus area for each client will dynamically be set based on the clients BPS (bytes per second) transfer rate. Currently, all clients have a focus area of 5,000 gu, which is causing some players on modems to lag out quite a bit. The new code, will lower the focus area to 2,500 gu for clients with low BPS settings (i.e. modem users).

The old code did this as well, but I removed that functionality as I thought the verb priority system would compensate for the increase in bandwidth usage.

- Spawn selection map has been implemented, showing a mini-navigation map on the spawn selection screen. This should make it MUCH easier to find out where the battles in the MV are occuring, and picking a spawn point to get yourself into the battle without having to go in-game and ask players what system.

Darkspace Academy Event
Posted by TheVirtu @ 8:51PM EST

The Darkspace Connection is proud to announce that we are going to have our first Darkspace Academy event!

The topic for this first Darkspace Academy event is BUILDING!. Now that Darkspace is in its 1.481 version, building has changed from what it used to be. And with many veteran players returning to the game and newbies just arriving for their first time, this topic would be best to help everyone out.

And since we are having this during the free trial, it will be especially helpful.

The event will startoff with a short talk in a private event chatroom in the Darkspace, followed by where the server will be opened. Right now we are hoping to allow twenty newbies and about 7-10 "teachers" in this event. The map this will be hosted on will have twenty barren planets without any structures, one player per and a reference planet for the teachers to build.

We will teach you the basics of Building, also allowing you to ask questions about it. We will be discussing things such as the new technology levels. Planet types, and the new buildings.

In this build we are doing, everyone will build a level two planet (Planet with Level 2 Technology) and will discuss Level 3 tech lightly.

We hope to see many there, there are no rank requirements to attend this event. But we must ask you to obey the rules.
All RoC Rules Apply to this Server
-Listen to your instructors, do not disobey them.

Failure to obey the RoC and our rules will result in a kick from the server.

This event will take place Saturday, March 13th, 2004 at 6:00pm EST (GMT -5)

We need nine teachers, if you wish to be a teacher, sign up in this thread and/or show up for the event chatroom. We will decide who can teach. Also even though it doesnt matter who shows up for the teaching, if you plan on showing up, just go ahead and let us know .

Suggestions/Comments are also welcome.

We also want anyone attending to read the DSC 1.481 Planet Types Guide and the Barren Planets Building Guide before you join up to the server when we have the event.

Expected Update
Posted by TheVirtu @ 1:19PM EST

There is word out from Faustus, lead programmer of Darkspace, that a client update to fix some lag issues in Darkspace can be expected on this Monday.

That's all for now.

Reminder: Submittals
Posted by TheVirtu @ 1:17PM EST

I'd just like to remind everyone that The Darkspace Connection is always accepting new content from the public that could be seen on the website after review. We have sections that accept player submitted content, such as the Rants, Darkspace Academy, Downloads, and the Screenshots section.

If you have anything to submit, send it in to Anything under 1MB may be sent here, if you have something to submit that is over that amount, send me an email and we'll discuss how to transfer the files that you want to submit.

Friday, March 5, 2004

New Screenshots, Yay.
Posted by TheVirtu @ 10:45PM EST

I've put up eight new screenshots of 1.481 ingame. Enjoy.

Getting Started: Part 3
Posted by TheVirtu @ 5:31PM EST

I've put up the third part of the Getting Started in 1.481 series of guides. This guide is based on the basics of the ingame Navigation and how to use it properly. View, Getting Started III - Navigation

Removal of AI Transports
Posted by JackSwift @ 3:27PM EST

Faustus has just announced that he will be removing all AI transports from metaverse. Since those AI transports use up 50% of the CPU time, removal of them could easily help the major lag problems we've been experiencing lately.

You can read the complete details here.

Sol Revolts!
Posted by JackSwift @ 12:35AM EST

A rare event happened today at around 8pm PST. Influenced by a higher power, the entire Sol system revolted (except Pluto, they're too far out to be influenced by much of anything) against the invading governments and returned their ownership to the UGTO.

ICC and K'luth fleets were taken by surprise and had to immediately evacuate the system. Questions arose soon after why the citizens of these planets would willingly go back to an oppressive government. We can only guess, but members of [S.W] speculate it is because Earth has the only Krispy Kreme outlet in the Metaverse.

Thursday, March 4, 2004

Another Guide Addition
Posted by TheVirtu @ 6:29PM EST

I've just uploaded a new guide up to the site done by Xin on how to build a Barren Type Planet. This guide teaches you everything you need to know to build a barren planet.

Barren Planet Building Guide

1.481 Server Updates
Posted by TheVirtu @ 6:15PM EST

The 1.481 server backend was just updated a few minutes ago, this may cause temporary lag in the Metaverse. This update requires no client updates though. This update should lessen any lag in the servers. And by now the lag from the upgrade should be gone.

Newbie Guide Addition
Posted by TheVirtu @ 6:12PM EST

I've just completed work on part two of the Getting Started guides for 1.481 here on the Darkspace Connection. This guide introduces you to ingame Darkspace, plus some basics. This is essential for any newbies to read!

Darkspace Academy: 1.481 Getting Started (Part Two) - Ingame Darkspace

More v1.481 Fixes
Posted by JackSwift @ 2:58PM EST

Faustus has yet again updated the release client. Defense bases took up way too much CPU power, bandwidth, you name it... causing massive MV lag. Now defense bases will be optimized when firing their weapons.

Plans for limiting shipyard spawning are also underway. You can read all of the details and player suggestions here.

Wednesday, March 3, 2004

New Newbie Guide Addition!
Posted by TheVirtu @ 7:49PM EST

I've just completed work on a new Darkspace Academy guide for Darkspace 1.481. Introducing the DSC 1.481 - Getting Started in Darkspace Guide, the guide for the complete newcomers to Darkspace.

1.481 Client Mirrors List Updated
Posted by TheVirtu @ 4:06PM EST

I've added the urls of three new download mirrors with the full 1.481 client in our downloads section.

The mirrors added are,, Darkspace Center Germany, and HalOS UK/Europe

Still working on getting the client uploaded to Fileplanet here. Been some issues getting it uploaded though.

v1.481 Fixes
Posted by JackSwift @ 12:28PM EST

Faustus has updated the current release to fix a few bugs. Most of them seem to deal with the horrendous lag issues, so we can look to a less cluttered DarkSpace in the future (woo! nav map fixed!).

You can read all of the details here.

Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Darkspace Two Week Free Trial!
Posted by TheVirtu @ 8:28PM EST

Here's a breaking news announcement, with the new 1.481 patch out now, a free two week free trial has been announced and is currently occuring now! The free trial means you are subscribed for free basically for the next two weeks. If you are interested in Darkspace and want to try the full access Darkspace before you subscribe or just want to check out what this Darkspace is all about! You can now! The trial ends on March 17th at 9:15pm EST.

You can download the Darkspace 1.481 Client from (Click to Download) (37.2MB). We are currently working on getting the 1.481 client uploaded to Fileplanet, but for now you still have the mirror to use.

New Metaverse Temporarily Removed
Posted by TheVirtu @ 5:27PM EST

The new metaverse that was implmented yesterday has been temporarily removed due to major flaws, no information on what flaws they were. It has been replaced with a modified version of the metaverse that was on the beta servers late last month.

There is no information on when the new metaverse will return, but it's been said that it won't return in the same form it was before.

DSC Site Statstics
Posted by TheVirtu @ 10:03AM EST

Well, I'm bored right now and I figure I'll share some site stats from the DSC site.

Currently, right now the site has recieved 34,000 page views since its opening on June 24th, 2003 and 8,000 different (unique) visitors. Our most active month was October of 2003 with 7,055 hits. Our least active month was July 2003, with 799 hits. (I think I didnt enable the site tracker until the end of July though, Hehe)

Our most active day since opening was Sunday, October 26th, 2003 with 856 hits.

With the new Darkspace 1.481 Patch finally released and this site's v2.0 launched, we hope to completely shatter these numbers from before. Viva la DSC. I'm thinking I might start posting our site statistics once a month (on the 1st or 2nd) just to let you guys know how we're doing!

1.481 Release! Some Info
Posted by TheVirtu @ 12:01AM EST

Here's a quick update on 1.481, the new Metaverse IS active! The entire metaverse has expanded and changed from what it used to be, so there's alot of planet building todo in the new metaverse. That's all for now!

Oh, and be looking for a new download package of Darkspace in the next day or so for Darkspace 1.481.

Monday, March 1, 2004

New Client Installer
Posted by JackSwift @ 11:56PM EST

Faustus, along with the release of "The Patch" has updated the release client installer. With all this new material, someone should get a hold of GameSpy and tell em all the reasons why gamers should go nuts over DarkSpace.

1.481 Release!
Posted by TheVirtu @ 9:22PM EST

Its finally here people! The Darkspace 1.481 Patch is RELASED! The update from 1.480B is a chunky 22MB and can be updated by just logging on to Darkspace. More info to come!

Darkspace Servers Offline / Coupons!
Posted by TheVirtu @ 8:10PM EST

Well, as promised, the Darkspace Servers just went offline to be upgraded, and is expected to take around an hour or more to complete. In the meantime, feel free to join us in the Darkspace Connection Chatroom

In other news, the Darkspace Stress Test coupons were emailed to all those players who played the stress test over the weekend two hours or more.

Official Darkspace Manual Rewrite?
Posted by TheVirtu @ 6:44PM EST

Darkspace Moderator, Demorian, has announced that he is working on an entire new layout for the Darkspace Manual as we prepare to enter v1.481 and says the rewrite is already in progress.

You can find more information on this in this forum thread.

Server Downtime - 1.481
Posted by TheVirtu @ 6:32PM EST

Here's some news just in, quoted from Faustus, lead programmer of Darkspace.

"All servers will be going down today around 7:00PM CST, to be reconfigured. We will be moving our database to a new machine and upgrading all servers to the new 1.481 backend. Additional annoucements on the release of 1.481 will be coming shortly."

Thats 8pm EST btw.
Note:All those who wish to find a place to chat about Darkspace can use the Java Client to access the DSC IRC chatroom or you can use a normal IRC client and connect to and goto #darkspace

DSC v2.0 - Ready, Steady, Go.
Posted by TheVirtu @ 6:22PM EST

Welcome to the Darkspace Connection, Site Version 2.0. The DSC Team hopes to serve the Darkspace Community well with this new site version. If you couldn't tell, this version is centered around v1.481 and beyond. But since at this point v1.481 hasn't released, so there is a v1.480 Archive that lets you seek the information that is unique to v1.480 only. This version has a much cleaner navigation (right now) and lets you access everything alot easier.

I've also cleaned out the DSC Forums for a fresh start this version, I hope to get the forums going with activity this version!

And as I said earlier in the post, v1.481 hasn't released yet and is still being tweaked for bugs, hopefully we'll see something by the end of the week. And I'm only around thirty minutes late with launching the site! *claps*

If you find any bugs in this website, email me at