December 2003

Monday, December 29, 2003

ANOTHER Correction
Posted by TheVirtu @ 4:31PM EST

The Saturday for the Dueling Tournament is on the 3rd, not the 4th. Whoops.

Sunday, December 28, 2003

Dueling Ladder Updated
Posted by TheVirtu @ 3:52PM EST

Okay, I've finally gotten everything on my new computer going so I've been able to post up the latest status on the Holiday Dueling Ladder.

You can view the current ladder by going here.

Saturday, December 27, 2003

DSC Events Announcement
Posted by TheVirtu @ 9:38PM EST

Hello folks,

I apologize to the duelers in the DSC Dueling Ladder because I was busy today and wasnt able to hold Round 3 of the dueling tourney. This has been rescheduled to next Saturday January 4th, 2004. The reminder of the tournament (Round 3/4/5) will be held then. If you cannot make this time, please let me now and we can have your duels beforehand.

And now on to the subject of events in general, I am cancelling DSC Scenario Wars II that was scheduled for this Monday and at this point no events will be scheduled for the game indefinitely due to lack of community interest and the lowering numbers in our playerbase that are subscribed. It has been way too hard to get players to come to these events and many that do sign up never show up and then blame me because honestly, some people do not know what timezones are. I know they were fun, but it just doesnt seem worth it right now. Perhaps these will start again if the community begins to pick up speed again and there is much more interest, but for now. After the Dueling Ladder is completed, there will not be any events hosted by the Darkspace Connection until further notice.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

DSC Scenario Wars I Results
Posted by TheVirtu @ 8:09PM EST

Hey tonight was the first Scenario War Event of the season! And congratulations to the ICC team, consisting of team captain, Rogue Spear and his teammates: Azure, Piotr, *HAS* Mat, Switchblade, Aspro, Swabby, Rekiller, Sonlox, Doran, Gabriel, Alien Mastermind, and Zale.

Today, Christmas Eve also marks six months since the DSC opened! w00t!

And now it is evening on Christmas Eve here on the east coast, I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a safe happy new year!

Monday, December 22, 2003

Smear the Piercer CANCELLED
Posted by TheVirtu @ 6:08PM EST

Due to the utter lack of turnout at the Smear the Piercer event and the lack of a server, this event has been cancelled. It is unknown if it will be rescheduled.

Smear the Piercer!
Posted by TheVirtu @ 1:53PM EST

We're now four days from Christmas, w00t! Today will mark the first of the Christmas Week events here at the Darkspace Connection, Smear the Piercer!

At 6pm EST (GMT -5) tonight, all those who wish to partcipiate in this event are to report to the Darkspace Connection Event Room in the Darkspace Lobby for a meeting on the event where the teams will be decided for the event. Right after the meeting the real event will be held. Again, the winning team who destroys the Piercer in the shortest time will recieve 300,000 credits each. Again there will be only 20 players allowed to partcipate, so you'd better hurry to the event.

This event should last until about 7:30pm EST at my best estimate.

Friday, December 19, 2003

Dueling Ladder Round 2
Posted by TheVirtu @ 4:53PM EST

Tomorrow afternoon will be round two of the Darkspace Connection Holiday Dueling Ladder at 4pm EST. That's all for now.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Upcoming Events
Posted by TheVirtu @ 11:18AM EST

Here is a general reminder of the events that will be occuring for the remainder of the 2003 year.

Saturday, December 20th - Round 2 of the Darkspace Connection Dueling Ladder, all winners of the first round are to report to the DSC Event Chatroom at 4pm EST (GMT -5) of that day.

At 2pm EST is the deadline for the Darkspace Signature Contest.

Monday, December 22nd - Smear the Piercer event, there are still spots remaining in this event, if you wish to sign up, goto this thread and reply. This event will be at 6pm EST, beginning in the DSC Event Meeting Chatroom.

Wednesday, December 24th (Christmas Eve) - Oh, the 6 Month Anniversary since the site's opening! On this day, the first DSC Scenario Wars Event will occur. There are still spots to sign up for this also, just goto this thread and sign up! The Scenario Wars will occur at 5pm EST, starting with a meeting in the DSC Event Meeting Chatroom.

Monday, December 29th - The Second DSC Scenario Wars, this will also occur at 5pm EST (GMT -5). On this day at 1am EST is the deadline for the Darkspace Flash Contest

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Community Event Judges Signups
Posted by TheVirtu @ 5:43PM EST

The Darkspace Community Event Judges are looking to reinforce their ranks and take up some new players to judge their contests! If you are interested in being a good, neutral judge and help out in the fun, you may goto this thread and sign up!

Darkspace Signaure Contest II
Posted by TheVirtu @ 3:36PM EST

The Darkspace Community Event Staff have begun the second running of the Signature Contest! You can compete for the top three, which get prizes, first place is a free week of gametime! You can post your entry or read the rules and information about the contest, in this thread.

This contest ends Saturday, December 20th at 2pm EST.

Darkspace Flash Contest Deadline Extended
Posted by TheVirtu @ 2:44PM EST

By popular demand for extra time to finish their flash movies, the Darkspace Flash Contest's deadline has been pushed back two weeks to Saturday, December 27th at 1am EST.

Christmas Scenario Wars I & II
Posted by TheVirtu @ 12:34PM EST

The thread for the last two big events of the Holiday season has been posted on, called the Christmas Scenario Wars! Teams compete in a normal, three-hour scenario for victory, but with pre-chosen teams.

This event is open to all Darkspace players, subscribed or not. If you have any questions or wish to sign up for the events, goto the thread. More information to come. The first Scenario Wars event is on Christmas Eve (6 Month Anniversary since DSC's Launch) at 6pm EST (GMT -5), the second one will be on the 29th at 6pm EST (GMT -5) also.

Saturday, December 13, 2003

DSC Dueling Ladder Round 1 Results
Posted by TheVirtu @ 8:55PM EST

Thanks to all those who attended the first round of the Darkspace Connection Dueling Ladder, here's a list of who advances to Round 2, which occurs next weekend, Saturday, December 20th at 4pm EST.

Winners: Sir Oblivion, Sir Diablos, Rocketeer, *HAS* Mat, Bobamelius, Maddog, Sarge, Raiders, petey2k, Panther, Rachel, TheEvilHawk, badboyz, Nubmarine.

Round 1 had ALOT of amazing upsets in it, and I was quite amazed by some of those battles.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

DSC Dueling Ladder Brackets
Posted by TheVirtu @ 9:22PM EST

The brackets for the DSC Dueling Ladder have now been put up on the website, they can be found here. There are still spots avaiable for those who wish to act as alternates in the event that some of the players dont show up for the first round. The signup thread can be found here.

The DSC Dueling Ladder (Round 1) And the Pre-Event Meeting will begin on Saturday at 4pm EST (GMT -5). Hope to see you there.

MetaVerse News: Epsilon Eri Wiped Out
Posted by TheVirtu @ 4:53PM EST

Earlier today, the Epsilon Eri system in the metaverse was wiped out of all life due to anomolies and solar flares. The planets now sit, void of life. And now UGTO, ICC, and K'luth forces move in on the system to attempt to recapture and rebuild the 18 planet system.

Gaifen packs have also been spotted in Epsilon Eri.

Tuesday, December 9, 2003

DSC Event Announcement II + Updates
Posted by TheVirtu @ 8:59PM EST

Oh yes, its that one word everyone hates to hear. "PIERCER!" You know how annoying it is to take down those fully modded piercers. Now its your turn to get revenge on that Piercer!

Smear the Piercer, thats right! Two teams, ICC and UGTO, go one at a time to try to take out a fully modded Piercer in as little time as possible. The ICC and UGTO will not be allowed to mod. The team that kills the Piercer the fastest will win the event.

Again, to provide the best possible gameplay enviroment, you MUST be subscribed to Darkspace and have a rank of Lt. Commander or higher to partcipate in this event.

Winners of the event will each recieve 100,000 credits. To make things interesting, there is a Signup Limit of 20 People those who signup after 20 others have will be alternates that should try to be at the event chatroom just in case some are missing. If any of the first 20 of missing, alternates will be chosen in order of their signup.

When the event chatroom occurs before the event, two captains will be chosen and each will go one at a time to each pick 9 other teammates. You can find the thread to signup for the DSC Smear the Piercer event, occuring on Monday December 22nd at 6pm EST, here.

And on a side note, the Darkspace 1.481 Stress Test has been delayed indefinitely until a realistic time can be decided to have it. It doesnt look like we'll have that patch for Christmas folks.

Sunday, December 7, 2003

MetaVerse Reset
Posted by TheVirtu @ 10:25PM EST

At about 4pm EST today, the Darkspace Metaverse was reset to clear up some server issues. The ship garages remain intact though. Now's your chance to build up the Metaverse before everything has been rebuilt!

Site Updates/Fixes
Posted by TheVirtu @ 2:57PM EST

Last night I added 32 new images to the release screenshots section. I expect to add more sometime this week.

I've put up our second guide for Darkspace 1.481, Planet Capturing, teaching the basics of planet capturing in the next version of Darkspace, coming soon.

Some event updates, The 1.481 Stress Test is in 4 days, Thursday, December 11th, at 1pm EST, going on until Saturday at 1pm. There is no confirmation yet on if it will be delayed again or not. The Darkspace Connection Dueling Ladder begins in 6 days on Saturday, November 13th at 4pm EST. At that time a meeting room will be created in the Darkspace lobby where all the event judges and participants will meet to discuss the ladder and who will be facing each other in the first round. The first round of duels will occur right after this meeting.

Oh and one site fix, I've fixed the 'Download Darkspace' banner that had an incorrect link, sorry for the screwup folks.

Saturday, December 6, 2003

Holiday Monster Mash Event Cancelled
Posted by TheVirtu @ 11:43AM EST

The Holiday Monster Mash event scheduled for 6pm on Christmas Eve has been cancelled due to game-related issues. Another event will be decided on to replace this event in the near future.

The DSC Dueling Ladder is still scheduled for next Saturday afternoon at 4pm EST where the meeting will occur, afterward the first round of duels will occur. Smear the Piercer and the DSC Scenario Wars are still scheduled at their current times. Check the Upcoming Events in the lower right navigation bar to get your latest check on event times.

Tuesday, December 2, 2003

November Darkspace Top 10 Fleets
Posted by TheVirtu @ 11:28PM EST

The Top 10 Fleets for the month of November has been posted in the forums, you can find it by going to this thread.

Monday, December 1, 2003

DSC Dueling Ladder and Updates!
Posted by TheVirtu @ 5:10PM EST

Today marks the start of the signups for the Darkspace Connection Dueling Ladder, the first DSC Holiday Event! Any player that is subscribed and is at the Captain rank or higher can sign up for this competition. Further details regarding dueling restrictions (ship class) will be decided once we have figured out how many are going to be signing up. You can sign up for the Dueling Ladder in this thread.

A meeting will be held shortly before the first round of duels on Saturday, December 13th at 4pm EST (GMT -5) where the dueling ladder brackets will be announced for the first round, along with questions and suggestions. This will be held in a private room in the Darkspace Lobby. All partcipants in the dueling ladder are REQUIRED to attend this. Prizes, if there will be any, are still being decided on at this moment. More to come on that.

On a side note, I've redone the Badges section on the website.