January 2004

Friday, January 30, 2004

Prestige Calculator Updated
Posted by Rock @ 9:49PM EST

Well I finally have FTP access, so I was able to upload a new version of the Prestige Calculator. This new version still doesnt include the K'luth ship list, but has a new function many have asked for: save the data you enter. Basically, it saves the data you enter from your profile, and stores it in a cookie on your harddrive. So to use this feature, be sure to have cookies enabled in your internet settings. If you have any ideas/feedback/remarks, just drop me a line at rock@3dactionplanet.com.

In other news, expect to see some major content updates in the next few weeks, including new fan fiction, DarkSpace Academy articles and maybe a few interviews.

That's all for now, enjoy the new Calculator!

Saturday, January 17, 2004

The Ending of the Top 10
Posted by TheVirtu @ 6:48PM EST

Top 10 Fleets of the Month writer, Demorian, has announced that he is ending the Top 10 Fleets due to lack of personal interest in the charts anymore and that there will be a Top Fleets section intergrated into the beta Darkspace website. Demorian has been doing this for over 26 months now, and now it will come to an end.

The final Top 10 Fleets will be posted on February 1st, 2004.

Dueling Ladder Results
Posted by TheVirtu @ 3:53PM EST

Well last weekend we held the last rounds of the DSC Dueling Ladder and now the event has been completed. Here are the results for the top three: Bobamelius of the GTN fleet has won the DSC Dueling Ladder and will soon recieve a one month coupon and one million credits, Monty of the PB fleet placed second and wins 950,000 credits, and in third is Sir Oblivion of GTN, who wins 500,000 credits. These prizes will be handed out when the players are found. If you cant get in contact with me, email me.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Dueling Ladder
Posted by Rock @ 6:17PM EST

Today, rounds 3 and 4 of the dueling ladder were held. Due to many people not showing up, I decided to give 4 new players a chance. An updater roster will be posted later. For now, we can tell you the final will be between Monty and Bobamelius. Third place goes to the losing semi-finalists Sir Oblivion and Sarge. The final had to be postponed until Bobamelius is back. More news on this later tonight or tomorrow.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

1.481 Patch Development News!
Posted by TheVirtu @ 3:30PM EST

Darkspacers rejoice! Faustus has reported that he has finished all the code changes for the 1.481 patch and that internal testing and debugging will begin next week. What does this mean? It means the patch is getting closer to release and a beta test could be coming very soon!

Tuesday, January 6, 2004

Posted by Rock @ 6:28PM EST

I messed up some dates. Yes, I know I'm an idiot. No, the dueling ladder has not been canceled. I thought sunday was the fifth, therefore I thought HalOS would be back on sunday. So because HalOS wasnt available, the decision was made to postpone the event untill sunday, January 11th. Hopefully, I'll have managed to get a hold of HalOS by then.

Unfortunately, real life problems prevented me from posting this anytime sooner. Sorry for that, but I can't help it. Hope to see you all on sunday.

Monday, January 5, 2004

Monday Night Updates
Posted by TheVirtu @ 8:36PM EST

Well its been a fun weekend for me here in real life, its been raining for at least three days straight and the area looks like a lake. Anyway, its time for some updates.

I'm not exactly sure what happened, but the rest of the rounds scheduled for the DSC Dueling Ladder that was supposed to happen today, didn't. I'll have to get in touch with our event staff and see what happened. More updates on when this will be rescheduled coming soon.

The Top 10 Fleets for the Month of December has been posted on the Darkspace.net forums, here's a quick rundown of the top three prestige fleets.
01. [PB]Pitch Black - ICC: 3141233 (45 members) 69805
02. [Evil]Evil Empire Inc. - K'luth: 2032352 (53 members) 38346
03. [-GTN-]Galactic Navy - UGTO: 1694412 (62 members) 27329

You can find all of the results for the Top 10 Fleets in this thread.

Thursday, January 1, 2004

Happy New Years!
Posted by TheVirtu @ 7:26PM EST

Welcome to the new year everyone, the big 2004! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays, because its about to come to an end and everything will be back to usual sadly. But do not fret! A new year means new changes and additions to the Darkspace Connnection and the game Darkspace!

I'd like to welcome Rock to The Darkspace Connection staff, even though he has been sort of a staff member for a while now. He will be serving as Co-Site Administrator here at the site.

As Rock said in the previous post, the next rounds of the dueling ladder have been pushed back to Monday, January 5th at 3pm EST. This will consist of ALL the remaining rounds of the event (3/4/5). I will be at this event also to award the prizes to the top three duelists. If a duelist cannot make it to the final rounds, he will be eliminated from the Ladder. This rule is invalid for Round 6, in which the last two contestants duel for top dog. A reminder that these rounds have NO ship limit, the class must be decided by the two duelists.

And a small update on Darkspace, Faustus has let us know that he has been busy with other real life things lately, which has been the cause of the delays with the patch, but this will end soon so the patch should be back on track.

Happy 2004 from the Darkspace Connection!

Dueling Ladder Update
Posted by Rock @ 6:58PM EST

The dueling ladder has been delayed a day, until January 5th 2004. This is due to organisational complications. We hope to see everyone there.