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tools | getting setup | unpacking | painting | bmps | packing

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the making of this tutorial. Thanks to those affiliated with YellowGarage for all the hard work and dedication in bringing us the first programs for editing CMR2 textures. Also a big thanks to scud for staying up late to sort all of this out and then putting it down in english.

Tools Needed


  • Adobe Photoshop*or Jasc Paint Shop Pro - Corel Photopaint does not correctly support the DDS plug-in.

  • Adobe Plug-In by Nvidia (S3)* for working with DirectDrawSurface (DDS) images. Required for editing hi-res cars textures.

  • *Graphics Converter 3 v1.2 Use this to open DDS textures if you can't use the plug-in above or experience problem with odd image anomalies. See the BMP section of this tutorial for more information.

  • BFL Works* YellowGarage tool used to unpack/pack CMR2 texture files.

  • CMR2Edit from ColinMcRae2.de (German/English) The original name and physics editor now offers BFL support. You can use it in place of BFLWorks, however, the two appear to create files which are incompatible with each other so stick with one or the other. I prefer BFL Works for its simplicity but both probably have their advantages.

  • Win-GZ* A freeware utility used to compress packed texture files back down to the original size.

  • CMR2 BFL Manager (no longer required) YellowGarage's original tool used to unpack/pack textures. This tool does not support GZ decompression.

  • Tar32.DLL (DLL Only) You shouldn't need this file if you have the newest tools from YellowGarage but if you have problems place this DLL file in the same directory as your BFL application.

  • New Wheels by Felzi - download new realistic wheels from Felzi for your that new skin your making. Available designs include Momo, Oz and Speed Line wheels.

    *recommended application needed to follow along with tutorial.
Getting Setup


You need to create a folder on your Harddrive that you can work from so you don't get the files you are working on mixed up with your game files. I will refer to this folder from here on out as "MyCars." Keep it neat and organized and you won't have to worry about a mistake causing you to reinstall the game. If you would like to make backups of any original files you edit you may do so but it is not required as all the car files are all on the CD. Unzip the BFL Works to your new working directory. Unzip Win-GZ to a folder of its own. Install the Nvidia Plug-In following the instructions provided by your image software.

If you using Photoshop you place the plug-in in the ..\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop\Plug-Ins\ directory and restart Photoshop. The Nvidia Plug-In may either appear under the FILE | IMPORT / EXPORT command or as DDS under OPEN / SAVE depending on what version of Photoshop you are running.

PaintShop Pro users just need to create a plugins folder and drop the plug-in into that.

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