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Car skins simply 'repaint' the existing cars in cmr2. Skins do not give you additional cars to select from. If you want additional cars and have not yet unlocked all of the bonus cars included in the game you can visit our game guide for cheats. These same instructions also apply to any sound files you may have downloaded.


  1. Download and unzip the new car texture file. As a general rule it will be named :
    carA1.BFL is for high detail cars
    carC1.BFL is for low detail cars
    (other BFL files may be included in the download)

  2. Find the same file(s) in your ...\Colin McRae Rally 2\Game\Cars folder. Make a back-up of them or rename them (ex. carA1.ORG instead of carA1.BFL).

  3. Copy the new BFL file(s) to the ...\Colin McRae Rally 2\Game\Cars folder.

  4. Drive! Be sure to set your CMR2 advanced graphic options to high car detail if you downloaded hi-res cars textures. Arcade mode and SS stages use the lo-res car textures.

Substituting Bonus Cars

You can use the bonus alternative cars in the game if you have several skins of the same type that you would like to use. Simply rename one of the downloaded skins so it takes the place of a bonus car. If you do not have all of the bonus cars use the ALLTHEBUTTONS cheat.

Aternative Matches by File Name

Original Focus WRC (FOC**.BFL) has different spoiler from other 3 alternatives.

Ford Focus Alternative 1 - FA1**.BFL
Ford Focus Alternative 2 - FA2**.BFL
Ford Focus WRC 99 - F99**.BFL

Lancia Delta Integra - INT**.BFL
Lancia Delta Intergra Alternative 1 - IA1**.BFL
Lancia Integra Alternative 2 - IA2**.BFL

Mitsubishi Lancer - MIT**.BFL
Mitsubishi Lancer Alternative 1 - MA1**.BFL
Mitsubishi Lancer Alternative 2 - MA2**.BFL
Mitsubishi Lancer Alternative 3 - MA3**.BFL

Example: You download two hi-res Mitsubishi skins both named MITA1.BFL but want to use them together. You would rename one of the downloaded skins to MA1A1.BFL. Now you can use both Lancer skins; one replacing the original and one replacing the alternative 1 car.

Restoring Cars

If you decide at any point that you would like to go back to your original cars you can simply delete the download cars (BLF files) from your cars folder and replace them with the original backups. If you did not make backups you can find all original cars on the cd in the same folder. If you have problems restoring the cars try to copy the entire cars folder from the cd to your game directory. This should usually work and will save the time over reinstalling the entire game.