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Colin McRae Rally 2 Official Patch 1.05 from Codemasters
Clear Windscreen Patch / HiRes Original 6 Cars Edition (823KB)
Clear Windscreen Patch / HiRes 16 Bonus Cars Edition (2.1MB)
Driver Edit 1.0 from ColinMcRae2.DE (673KB)


Official Files for CMR2

  • Colin McRae Rally 2 Demo - this demo from Codemasters features 3 stages in the Ford Focus. (35.6MB)

  • CMR2 Patch 1.05 - zipped or unzipped versions, this patch will resolve some graphical issues during network play and black screens at startup on Windows 95 systems.

  • CMR2 Patch 1.09 - FOR EUROPEAN VERSION ONLY. Fixes the following issues: Digital steering can now be used with digital gamepads, Controller options can now be assigned to the keyboard,
    Force Feedback no longer turns itself off with some wheels,
    2 axis controllers can now be set as analogue devices, Force Feedback can now be selected with some controllers where this was previously unavailable.

Unofficial Updates

before the winscreen update
after Andy_G's update
  • No Intro-Video Patch - replaces initial two intro movies with blank movie files so there is no delay in loading the menu. Requires a full install so the movie files are actually on your hard drive.

  • Norwegian Menu Update - by DriverX. Replaces the in game English menus with Norwegian ones. Overwrite the englishtext.bfl file found in ..\Colin McRae Rally 2\CountrySpecific\Europe with this new one.

3rd Party Utilities

  • CMR2TM 1.0 beta - is the first texture manager for Colin McRae Rally 2. It is brought to you by YellowGarage so unfortunately the English is poor. Visit their tool section for this download.

  • CMR2TS 1.0 beta - another texture manager from YellowGarage. This one ups the bar by adding sound management and the option to attach a jpg image to each skins to help better track them. I tried the alpha version of this and will tell you it is not the most user friendly application (mostly because the English seems a bit off). However, it is only a beta so things could change.

3rd Party Editors

  • Adobe Plug-In by NVidia (S3) - allows you to edit Direct Draw Surface (DDS) files in Photoshop. Needed for editing HiRes car textures. Visit our Paint Tutorial for more information.

  • BFL Works 0.0.4 - is a simple to use tool for unpacking and repacking BFL texture files. Found only at YellowGarage under tools. For more information on how to use this application please visit our Painting Tutorial.

  • CMR2Edit 1.4 - combines the best of everything in one easy to use tool. This tool offers driver names editor, physics/grip editor and a BFL (skin) packing/unpacking utility.
    Also available at ColinMcRae2.DE

  • Driver Edit 1.0 - from ColinMcRae2.DE this easy to use editor will allow you to change the cpu driver names. It also includes a current list of drivers from the 2000 season.
    Also available at ColinMcRae2.DE

  • GBFL - very simple all-in-one command line BFL utility from Cesar Hernandez. With this one tool you can unpack and pack with or without compression.

  • GC3D (version 2) - Developed by Einhfos. This new version of GC3D now allows you to unpack and re-pack modified C3D car objects from Colin McRae Rally 2.0. The DXF files can be viewed and modified in MilkShape 3D or 3DMax, however, only objects in MilkShape3D DXF format can be repacked. For more information view the readme file.

  • Graphics Converter 3 1.2 - will allow you to open the DDS texture files without a plug-in and with out Adobe Photoshop. They can be saved as BMP files to Export and Import.

  • New Wheels by Felzi - download new realistic wheels from Felzi for your that new skin your making or to add to an old one. Available designs include Momo, Oz and Speed Line wheels.

  • Win-GZ - is a freeware utility by Bob Crispen which supports GZip compression for shrinking edited BFL files back to their origanal size. Find more details on this tool and more in our Paint Tutorial.

Miscellaneous Downloads

  What's New

New wheelsets available by Felzi for use with any skin.

Posted DDS plug-in to File Planet for easy access.

Version 2 of GC3D now allows you to unpack and repack DXF models from CMR2.

Norwegian Menu Updates released to replace the English in-game menus.

CMR2TS beta 1 is a sound and car texture manager just released by YellowGarage.

  Special Thanks To

japanese fansite