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Astrocade Program Downloads

     Please note: I am having some minor problems with this., thus here are no Astrocade programs to download yet. I could use some help: if anyone has any information regarding the way that files are to written to tape by Astro BASIC, please pass it along. Creating sound files of Astrocade cassettes is very time consuming and I could use any help I can get. If you can lend a hand, just contact Adam Trionfo ( ). In the meantime, read what this part of the site is supposed to be all about.

     The primary reason I started this site is because I have never seen a site anywhere on the Internet that has Bally software available for download. Now BASIC programs saved as Wave files can be downloaded from here and then loaded in Bally or Astro BASIC using your PC speakers as the original tape recorder. Since the Bally BASIC cartridges can be rather finicky about loading programs, there is some documentation in the works on the best way to do this.

     If you have some BASIC (or machine language) program cassettes, why not save them as Wave files (after you check that they work!) and send them along to be added to this site. It will help out the whole Astrocade community.