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Miscellaneous Documentation

     Of all the classic systems, the Astrocade is one of the most difficult to find any solid information about on the Internet. This section's aim is to be the resource where Astrocade information of all sorts can be found.

     All documentation here is in PDF format. Read this to learn how to download Adobe's free PDF viewer, Acrobat Reader to read these files. To learn why I decided on PDF files (instead of text files), read this.

Having Trouble Opening These PDF Files?

     Some people have been having trouble downloading these PDF files. Read this to find out how to work around these problems.

Arcadian button Astrocade newsletter that published from 1978 - 1986
Astrobugs button Astrobugs newsletters. Also information on the Astrobugs User Group (c. 1982)
Cart manuals button Manuals for Astrocade cartridges in text and/or html format
Cursor button Cursor newsletter that published from 1980 - 1983(?)
Magazine Articles Button Manuals for Astrocade cartridges in text and/or html format
misc docs button Miscellaneous documents (i.e. not enough for a seperate category yet)
Niagara BUGS Bulletin Button Niagara Bally User Group Bulletin (newletters)
misc docs button Perkins Engineering (makers of the Blue Ram, keyboards, and more)
Tape manuals button Manuals for Astrocade Cassette Tapes