Bally Alley

The Newsletter for Astrocade Users


     Here are some of the web sites that have Bally Astrocade related content. I have worked hard to find relevant Astrocade information. It is my hope that the assembly-related can be used to create new Astrocade emulator images, and perhaps even new cartridges.

     There is a lot that needs to be here that I can not find (particularly specific Astrocade programming material). If I have overlooked some good sources, please drop me a line. Sites marked with an '*' are Bally Astrocade only. If a link is dead, or if you have a Bally related site to add, please contact Adam Trionfo ( ).

* Astrocade Group Bally Alley's Astrocade discussion group at Yahoo Groups. Read what other people in the Astrocade community are doing. Long term goal is to create Astrocade CD. -- Added February 7, 2001
Digital Press The great paper newsletter's online presence -- Added October 22, 2000
OC&GS Orphaned Computers & Game Systems. Back issues in PDF format, as well as new articles. -- Added October 22, 2000
* Screen Shots Screen shots of about twenty Astrocade cartridges -- Added February 11, 2001
* Bally FAQ Bally Astrocade FAQ in html format. This FAQ does need some updating. -- Added October 22, 2000
* Virtual Astrocade The Virtual Astrocade Homepage - This site hasn't been updated since April of 1998. As of May, 2003, this site is down. Does anyone know the status of this emulator (and the page in general)? -- Added October 22, 2000
* Classic Gaming Classic's Astrocade museum page. A good overview with some nice pictures. -- Added February 10, 2001
* Frank's site The Astrocade page of Frank Palazzolo (creator of the Astrocade emulator for MESS). Pretty sparse.-- Added February 10, 2001
* Gamerland Bally A general Astrocade overview. It is included here because of the well done database of Bally cartridges and cassettes. -- Added February 10, 2001
* Fenton Page Jamie Fenton (formerly Jay Fenton) lead the group that designed and implemented the Astrocade. Also created Bally BASIC and many Bally arcade games. Check out this bio. -- Added February 10, 2001
* 1978 Astrocade Patent A link to the U.S. patent office regarding Bally's 1978 patent number 4301503 (Home computer and game apparatus) - Note: This is a fixed link from the Virtual Astrocade page. -- Added October 26, 2000
* 1981 Astrocade Patent A link to the U.S. patent office regarding Bally's 1981 patent number 4475172 (Audio/visual home computer and game apparatus) - Note: This is a fixed link from the Virtual Astrocade page. -- Added October 26, 2000 The makers of the Z-80 used inside the Bally Astrocade. Check out what the Z-80 is up to nowadays. -- Added October 27, 2000
dZ80 Disassembler Z-80 disassembler. I have not tried it myself, so let me know how well it works (via emulator ROM images?). -- Added October 27, 2000
Z80 Homepage A great resource! A general Z80 site that contains docs, FAQs, source code, cross-assemblers, cross-compilers, utilities, etc on the the Z-80, the CPU used in the Bally Astrocade. Sometimes this link might seem dead (don't know why), if it doesn't work now, try again later. -- Added October 27, 2000
TI (Z-80) Calculators Some excellent tutorials on programming the Z-80 with step by step directions for beginners. Check out the TI-83 Assembly Logs Vol. 1-8 in particular. This is aimed at TI calculator programming-- but you will pick up some great information none-the-less. -- Added October 27, 2000
TI-83 Asm Help File TI-83 calculator tutorial set up as a Windows Help file. Useful and relevant overviews and code. Very nice. -- Added October 27, 2000
TASM Popular Z-80 assembler for DOS. Not sure how well it will work with the Bally Astrocade. If anyone can fill me in, please do. -- Added October 27, 2000
MESS Astrocade Emulator The only emulator that I know of that can emulate the Bally Astrocade. By no means is it perfect. -- Added October 22, 2000
Astrocade Joysticks NEW joysticks for the Bally Astrocade. -- Added October 22, 2000
Robby Roto Jay Fenton programmed this unreleased Arcade game that is believed to use the Astrocade's "commercial" mode. It has been released for use on emulators. -- Added February 11, 2001