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The following page contains game inquiries from alert readers about games which may or may not actually exist. So, what we have here is not a list of games, per se. It's a cry for help, in the hopes that fact can be separated from fiction and folklore. Well, then, to the list:
A game about the Roman Empire

We're looking for the name of a game (and the game itself) where you are in charge of a number of Roman armies. You can attack outlying towns and build statues to please Caesar, and you have to keep the soldiers fed, etc. I'm going by memory because I don't have the e-mail in front of me. Anyway, it sounds like a really good simulation/strategy game.

UPDATE: Could this be Annals of Rome? It is available at the-underdogs, if this is indeed the game.

Starship Challenge

This appears to be a text-mode game reviewed in a 1984 issue of Creative Computing magazine. A Google search turned up nothing useful. Can anyone avail me of this game?

UPDATE: According to Chris, this game is Star Fleet 1. So apparently we have one game with two names, or the Creative Computing magazine was given the wrong title. So the question now is, why is this game called Starship Challenge? According to the underdogs, the first official release was in 1986 (the version you can download here). This must be the same game, earlier version, different name. The author of Star Fleet 1 is Trevor Sorensen. Maybe he can answer this question.

UPDATE!!! Trevor Sorensen answered the above question! Here is the e-mail he sent me:
I noticed you had a couple questions about my game, Star Fleet I. There seems to be some confustion about whether it is the same as Starship Challenge (it isn't) and when it first was published (1983). You can find a complete history about it and Star Fleet II in the website: http://www.extrastrength.com Sincerely, Trevor Sorensen
Thanks, Trevor Sorensen! I highly recommend reading about the entire history of the Star Fleet series. And, to clear up, Star Fleet I was first published in '83, not '86.

Starship Challenge still eludes me, so keep an eye open.

Text Fighter

I was told about this elusive game for the Apple// and AppleWin by several readers, but none could produce the games. I'd love to see this. It is supposed to be kind of a Street Fighter II- or Mortal Kombat-type of game. Text fatalities?

Actually, I'm thinking it may be a hoax by one of our alert readers. Ha ha. But I'll keep this up just in case. I wouldn't be too surprised either way.


I vaguely seem to remember a text-only game of this title. Help! May be the same game, different name syndrome at work again.

All others

I want any and all games that run in Ascii mode. Kurt Dekker and others have made several games that are priceless, and were never published professionally. These are the kind of games that need a permanent home right here. Otherwise, they'll be lost forever, or just really hard to find.

Also, if any game on this site isn't really a text-mode game, please let me know. I try to check all the games, but I haven't played them all. I have relied on the information of others, and their information may not be accurate. Thanks.

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