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Virtua School

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Virtua School

Virtua School

Dana LoDico and Josh Noe

Excerpted from Da_Goat at Gamehippo.com: Virtua School is not your average text adventure. Sure...it may be short, but it's got one of the largest replay values ever seen in a game of this type.

...according to the game: "You are a guy who just moved to a new school and your only friend is your next door neighbor named Bob. It is your first day at Highskool High and you have vowed to yourself that you will be cool by the end of the day while still getting off to a good start grade-wise". On your quest for coolness you will make choices that will affect the rest of your day. For instance, if you don't take a shower, girls won't like you but the skaters will. If you get to the end of the game...,you'll be presented with your stats, which include how much money you have, your friends, your enemies, and your GPA (Grade Point Average).

The sound is incredibly annoying and comes through your PC speakers, so you can't turn it off unless you have a relatively new computer. And the author's use the sound to their advantage. If you do something wrong at this one part, the game will play this annoying high-pitched noise 'til the game is almost over.

Virtua School is a very addictive text adventure. Considering it's small size, there's no excuse for anybody to miss out on this one.

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There are some mature moments in this game, according to Gamehippo.com, so parental supervision is recommended. As this is a text-only game, I expect that expletives may occur. If I find it egregiously offensive, I'll remove it later without announcement.

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