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Strategy Games

Strategy Games

Keypunch, 1985

Excerpted from the-underdogs.org: Yet another compilation by Keypunch in which the company essentially stole freelance designers' works, took out all credits, and sold them as the company's own games. That the company was able to do this unchallenged in mid-1980s is telling of how much the Internet resembled a lawless "wild west" in its early days ;)

Probably the worst Keypunch compilation I have seen (and that is saying a lot), Strategy Games contains five games: Sabotage, Killer Bees, Vampire Quest, Engineer, and Ruler. Vampire Quest is not even a strategy game - it's an average text adventure that will make Infocom fans turn their noses in disgust. The remaining games are simple strategy games coded in BASIC, and are all not very good except for Ruler, which is just another name Keypunch game for Hammurabi, a well-known and early classic strategy title.

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Well, here you go. Sub-par games in a nice package.

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