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John Chenault, Baen Software

Description (from www.the-underdogs.org):
Snake! is a great clone of Nibbles with some very innovative concepts, even if the game is ASCII-only with no graphics. There are three modes of play in the game: single player, two-player, and computer. The single player mode is basically the same game Nibbles fans are familiar with: you are a snake that slithers around deviously designed levels, eating food to grow bigger while trying to avoid bumping into any part of your growing body. The objective is to survive as long as possible to get the highest score. After you have grown long enough, you will score at double the previous rate, and special items will also begin to appear. Special items include the "chomp" which allows you to pass through yourself, and the Yen sign that will shrink your snake so you have more room to move, but will also speed your up.

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Snake! is in the tradition of Nibbles, Snake Byte, and the like.

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