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Progress Quest

Progress Quest


From Aguydude at Gamehippo.com: Progress Quest is an RPG that makes progress with or without the player. All of the so-called boring parts are eliminated. Fighting is automatic, selling to shops is automatic, quests are automatic, and everything else is automatic too. Despite the lack of interaction, Progress Quest does have an online version (lacks player interaction but allows for high scores) and the ability to save the game. Merely leave Progress Quest on network play overnight (or longer) and you may be able to obtain a high score.

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This game plays itself! Hey, why not? Actually, as a video game addict, that kind of sounds like a good idea to me. Actually, it sounds brilliant. People would buy a game that plays itself, and you could check in on it now and then to see what's going on, you know, catch the highlights. This would make Diablos 1 and 2 vastly better. End of rambling.

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