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Geoffrey Silverton, 1990

From Theodor Lauppert's web site: "Popgames is the first and less known game by Geoffrey Silverton. It isn't really one game, it is something absolutely unique: a collection of desktop games for DOS! Popgames is a TSR (terminate and stay resident program), due to its small size it could well be loaded within the autoexec.bat . It is then started with Ctrl+Alt+G, at first showing you a little menu with four games: Tetriz, Number Tiles, Light Cycles, and Wall Breaker.

At any time, F1 will take you back to the menu, while Esc will hide the game, saving your state. Thus, if you hit Esc while for example playing Wall Breaker, and later on hit Ctrl+Alt+G again, you'll be back in Wall Breaker, exactly where you left off.

Should you wish to do so, you can even unload the program from memory, provided it was the last TSR aou loaded, by typing POPGAMES STOP."

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As a DOS-only TSR program, I can't run this, as my DOS machine is being used by a neighbor. Boy, do I feel silly. I'll have to get a screen shot later.

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