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Marta and Adrian Soncodi (?), 1988 (?)

From Theodor Lauppert's web site: "As the name suggests, most pieces in this game are made out of five squares. Not all, however, some are smaller. Like the original Tetris, this game uses ASCII graphics, and gameplay is overall the same. But if you have played Tetris a lot, you will find Pentix an interesting new challenge simply because the unfamiliar shapes of the pieces will force you to rethink your strategies."

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As Tetris variants go, this one is a little different and worth trying. It's shortcoming is that it only has an all-or-nothing drop button (space bar), rather than an incremental dropability button that any fully-fledged Tetris game has, and that lack tests my patience to the point that I don't really want to play the game much after a while. Why is an incremental drop so important? Because sometimes you have to slide a piece sideways to make it fit, and waiting to do that is a trial. It is a colorful game, though!

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