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8088 Othello

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8088 Othello

8088 Othello

M. W. Bayley, 1985

From Theodor Lauppert's web site: "The 4-color ASCII graphics try to emulate the look of a real Reversi board as closely as possible. That involves the use of some characters that have been replaced with accented vowels in some character sheets, thus the game may not display perfectly (though still playable) on later non-English DOS versions which, of course, includes Windows, where it will otherwise run fine.

First, you choose a difficulty level between 1 and 5. There is no choice of color. You always play black, but typing S gets the computer to move first. In Othello, moving first is a disadvantage. You enter your moves by typing in the coordinates. Invalid moves will simply be ignored.

One irritating aspect of this game is that it leaves display color on black when you quit. You are thus confronted with a black and useless screen. The first few times I rebooted, but then I found out that cls will set things back to normal. Of course, this is irrelevant if you play it under Windows."

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This is the first text-mode Othello/Reversi game I've seen. Not too shabby.

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