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Adventure Game Toolkit

Adventure Game Toolkit

Mark J. Welch, David Malmberg

In 1985, Mark J. Welch designed the Generic Adventure Game System (GAGS), a computer programming tool for creating "text adventure" games for MS-DOS computers. GAGS was released as "shareware" in 1985 and enhanced several times in 1986 and 1987.

In 1987, David Malmberg made substantial enhancements to the Generic Adventure Game System, which was renamed the Adventure Game Toolkit (AGT). Over the next few years, many additional features were added to AGT, and versions were released for MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows, the Apple Macintosh, the Commodore Amiga, and the Atari ST. From 1987 through 1992, AGT was distributed by Softworks of Mission San Jose, California. The final version of AGT, known as the "Adventure Game Toolkit Master's Edition," includes some graphics and sound capabilities. The final version of AGT is version 1.7.

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The "download it!" link below links to what I believe is the latest version of AGT.

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