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Project 46
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Project 46 has been in the works since 2003 what started out as a q3 map has evolved into a total conversion

for the Intel Make Something Unreal Contest. I have ,screenplay storyboards, images and character sheets and lots and lots of map layouts

Due to intellectual Property Rights
 I am keeping all created content (screenplay, storyboards and images) under wraps
 until i feel i can find trusting teammates who are sincerely interested in helping me finish what i have started.

You must remember this is for the win of the Make Something Unreal Contest!
and originality is key

If you are interested in joining AnthraxBio please click here.

If You are interested in what Job opportunities are available, please click here.


Here are a Few images of a completed map layout built in Q3 and rendered in Doom 3

In order to play the map or see more screenshots you must be on the team




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